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Some Thoughts on God Reaching Out

It is written that God reaches out to all of us, and does so all of every day. This is why anyone who has food, has food; this is why anyone who has shelter, and companionship, and good reason for being, has any of these things, because God loves us and gives these things to us.

God also desires to employ those who love Him, in helping others understand these things, and many other things involving repentance and eternal life. The only one who is good, is God; and God does place His Spirit in those who are willing. Thus it is that all of those who speak in the name of God and do good, are those in whom He lives Personally. And these He calls friends. Though a friend of God, knows who is God, and who is not, because God helps His friends remember this...sometimes gently, sometimes not.

God chooses many ways to reach out. He motivates His friends in many ways, all of them good and not evil. The evil often seen, comes from the imperfections He has not yet removed, from the souls of His friends. But He reaches out in His infinite ways, using everyone and everything in that which He calls His personal footstool, which is this world. There is nothing He does not use; there is nothing outside of His power and control.

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