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About God

These pages come from a desire to bring forth that which God has said. We know that the churches are divided in their understandings, and that such divisions are removed only by acts of God, of His choosing to bring education to both individuals and groups; all of us will know only in part. With these things in mind, here we have some words about God, for interest, for contemplation, for challenge to that which we all yet are. Your contributions, thoughts, and suggestions, dear readers, are very much solicited.

Ian Johnson, Jonathan Brickman, & Michael Collum
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For Ian:
For Jonathan:

of God.

1. God is.

2. God is one.

3.God is love.

4. God is spirit.

5. God is light.

6.God is King.

7.God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

of Christ.

8. Jesus is.

9. Jesus is the Son of God.

10. Jesus is the Son of Man.

of the Written Word of God.

11. How to Interpret the Bible...According to the Bible

12. The Words of God: What to Care About?

of the Father in Heaven.

13. The Compassion of the Father



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