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The Miraculous Clear and Present

And related issues. A scriptural, historical, and brotherly approach to much evidence, different experiences, and love and gifts from God.

We find many questions to be asked in this area. Here are some of them, and some responses.


A General Rule of Who is of Christ?

Some personal experiences

"Baptism in the Spirit" and related terms

What is baptism in the Holy Spirit?

Being filled with the Holy Spirit

The sealing of the Holy Spirit

The promised gift of the Holy Spirit

To Be Made Holy

To Be Made More Holy
Sanctification, Spirit Baptism, and Many Different Churches

Tongues and Spirit baptism in the book of Acts

Is tongues present every time someone is baptized in the Spirit in Acts?

Acts 8, about the Samaritans.

Acts 9, about Saul of Tarsus (the Apostle Paul).

Have some gifts of the Spirit "passed away?"

Pages on this site regarding the purpose for the spiritual gifts

The purpose of the spiritual gifts

The purpose of tongues

May specific gifts be requested of God?



Relevant pages on other sites

Is speaking with tongues the initial evidence of the Spirit baptism, by Mark A. McNeil.

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