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The Christian Oneness Links Page

Some Web Sites Apropos to our Purpose

Christian Oneness, our page on Facebook.

Christian Churches Together in the USA.

The Ekklesia Project.

Ecumenical News International.

National Association of Evangelicals.

National Council of Churches.

World Council of Churches.

United States Conference, World Council of Churches.

Council on Christian Unity, the ecumenical office of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research.

Ethnic Harvest, Resources for multicultural ministry.

Free at Last--Christian Racial Reconciliation

Interdev network, (partnerships among missionaries).

Mission America, forming evangelism partnerships between churches and parachurch organizations.

World Evangelical Alliance.

World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

Ecumenical Stewardship Center, stewardship resources.

Indiana partners for Christian Unity and Mission.

Christian Unity, Creation Seventh Day Adventist perspective.

Christian Unity and the Role of Authority, by I. Shawn McElhinney, from a Catholic perspective.

A Divine Platform for Christian Unity, from the Christian Courier.

Christian Unity Prayer.

The Need for Full Christian Unity, from the Augustine Club's Apologetics Toolkit.

The Oberlin Statement: Christian Unity as Viewed by the Orthodox Church.

Christian Reunion Ministries.

Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

The City Church International.

Holy Spirit Interactive, another Catholic approach to unity.

Some Denominations

Assemblies of God home page

American Baptist Church -- U.S.A.

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Calvary Chapel, U.S. national organization's web site.

Assyrian Christian News.

International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Reformed Church in America.

Orthodox Church in America.

United Methodist Church.

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Church of God Ministries (a.k.a. Church of God / Anderson, IN)

Parachurch Ministries

Campus Crusade for Christ

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Religious (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)

Tape Ministries NW.

The Baxter Institute, "worldview discipleship."

Christian Leadership Center.

Christian Regeneration Healing and Recovery Fellowships.

Desiring God Ministries.

Home, online support site/community for home churches.

Other online theology sites, various perspectives

BELIEVE Religious Information Source, a large collection of articles from multiple sources and persuasions, many of them written by recognized scholars.

Online Resources for Theology, an annotated list of links.

All of Grace, Reformed theology.

The Art and Apologetics of Prof. M.M. Ninan, eclectic.

Bible Doors, Bible studies for readers new to the Bible.

Bible Metaphors.

Christ in You Ministries.

Christ Only, Calvinist, Dispensationalist theology.

Howard Watson Christian Study Page.

Christonomy,New Covenant theology.

Connie and harris tate, Reformed theology.

Creation Theology.

Cyber Theology, Catholic perspective.

David M. Williams Theological essays, Pentecostal perspective.

Developing Theology, a Mainline and Evangelical approach.

Digby Smith: Christian Doctrine.

The Foolish Cross, Reformed theology and history.

Grace Incarnate, essays and sermons by a United Methodist theologian.

The Grace of God in Christ Today, articles on God's grace from a Calvinist perspective.

Greg's Couch, theology and apologetics from a Presbyterian professor.

Apostolic Forum.

I'm owned by Jesus, Calvinistic theology.

Opinion and Advocacy

Fig Leaf Forum

A Comparison of Modern Evangelism with the Scriptural Models.

Abortion, a site opposing the practice.

Dean and Laura Van Druff, Bible studies and essays on various topics.

Denominations=False Doctrines

Search in the Light Ministries, has links to many outside resources.

All Faith Ministries, gay Christian perspective.

God 180 Dot Com

Christian modesty -- a whole page of links on the subject.


The Bible, Clothing and Nakedness.

The Radical Rejection of Politics as a means of accomplishing God's work.

The Bible, Society and Nudity

Principles of Purity.

Common Ground

What is an "Heretic?"

QBaal's Christianity Rethought, "Liberal Christianity."

Christ in the 21st Century, rejects the application of the Enlightenment intellectual framework to Christianity.

Christianity Reformed from its Roots.

Christianity: Yesterday and Today.

Jesus--A Historical Reconstruction.

Alan Marshall: Essays.

Eternal Security: Fact or Fiction?, argues the position that it's fiction.

Father Jake Stops the World, an unusual Episcopal priest's blog.

Fire of God, a collection of Baptist, Fundamentalist sermons, essays and other materials. of Revelation.

The Gospel Truth.

A Grammar of Christian Faith, contains some articles on theological subjects but mostly promotes the book A Grammar of Christian Faith by Dr. Joe R. Jones.

The Harvest Herald, "unaffiliated."

Hauerwas Online: UnOfficial Internet Archive.

A Journey Unto Revelation's End: A search for the Apostle Paul's lost revelation.

Everlasting Hell.

Here I Reformation Calvinism Defended.

The Hildormen Pages.

Information Gospel.

In Light of Truth, focused on modern evangelism as man-centered.

Miscellaneous Apropos Indexes and Search Engines

World Council of Churches' Ecumenical Links.

Ecumenical and Denominational Links, Rev. Keith McIlwain.

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5 Barley Loaves

711 Christian Directory

Activess Christian Searchengine

Acts Christian Web Search

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Bible Study Notes Christian Directory

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Christians Unite.

Everything Christian

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Christian Top Sites.

First Christian Root Directory.

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