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Cults and False Religions in Topeka and in General

There are cults and false religions, in Topeka and everywhere else in the world. The question is, what would the Lord have us do about them? When He was in the world, what did He do?

It is true that the Lord spoke against falsehood -- but the only examples of this we have, are situations in which He was communicating directly, neighbor to neighbor, to persons who held the falsehoods. We have no record whatsoever of the pattern common to men, oft-seen in Topeka and the USA in the last several decades, in which we tend to make painstakingly detailed lists of groups and doctrines which we label "false" and "true". Rather, the Lord simply spoke the truth on many topics, and helped others do the same, and made as many friends for Himself and for His Kingdom as He could.

I pray that He cause us all to do likewise.

Jonathan Brickman
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© 2010 Jonathan E. Brickman


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