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Freedom is Free
credit is due

The world looks at freedom in a particular way. The world wants us to believe, that freedom is bought by others like us, at a price. Sometimes, the people of this world say, that the price is blood and death. Sometimes they say that the price is in money. Some of them say other things.

But God has different thoughts. His thoughts are much better. They do not serve the glory of the proud nations of this world. And this is why all of the nations of this world, without exception, have tried to silence His Word as much as they can.

The essence of the situation is very simple: it is God, Himself, to whom all credit is due.

It is God to whom we should be grateful, if we ever eat.

It is God to whom we should be grateful, if we ever sleep.

It is God to whom we should be grateful, if we ever have joy in that which is good.

It is God to whom we should be grateful, if we ever can avoid that which is evil.

It is God to whom we should be grateful, if He gave our nation’s soldiers, and police officers, the ability to help Him keep us from being killed and raped by evildoers.

We should be glad and joyful with the soldiers who help, and the police officers who help. We should be grateful, to God. According to God, He is the only one who is good. According to God, anything we see which is good and worthwhile, we see because God put it there.

But instead people do other things.

People talk about faith – just like a sports fan says she or he has faith in a team – but the people do not trust God any more than they trust a sports team to win.

Some treat a nation of this world as their team, and they know how to have faith...so a faith of the nation mixes with a faith in God, and they all glorify yet more of that which deserves no glory.

Some treat the whole world as their team, and they know how to have faith...so they devote ourselves to improvement of this world, this world which God has already condemned to destruction.

When people do these things, they are indeed rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, while it is sinking. On this Titanic, if we are willing to look, we can find people screaming in terror, and we can help them get rescued to the Kingdom of God. But we cannot do this if we are trying to sell deck chairs to everyone. There are a lot of people deceived into buying and selling those deck chairs.

The only way we can do any better, is to ask God to deliver us. This is the origin of the “salvation” commonly spoken, the word which is well-translated to “rescue” in today’s English. If we never repent of our devotion to those beloved deck chairs and the ship which they sit on, if we do not ever become willing and eager to jump ship to His kingdom and His purposes – His exaltation, not ours – He will not accept us in His kingdom, He will throw us out as being the useless people we are. But if we do humble ourselves before Him, if we do become willing to throw out our proud purposes and our loves of this world, He will place His Holy Spirit within us, and He Himself will drive the change that He needs us to live.

It is written, in the Gospel of John, chapter 17, that God shall not rescue all. It is written there that He shall rescue only some, the ones which the Father in Heaven has chosen. Many other most precious things He gave us written, in both Old and New Testaments, and the entirety is highly recommended reading. The truth shall set you free, saith the Lord.

Jonathan Brickman
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