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Ian Bruce Johnson

1601 S.E. Maryland
Topeka, Kansas 66607

e-mail: ian4christ41@yahoo.com

Purpose of this Résumé

This résumé is posted in response to questions readers have raised.


My ultimate objective is to live increasingly as God's friend. I wish to place no limits upon the means God may choose to use to accomplish this. The growth of my wife and children in active friendship with Christ, and the growth of visible unity of the Body of Christ are also among my personal objectives. My present worldly occupation is as a litigation paralegal, and I have been stably employed in this field for more than sixteen years. I am not eager to leave my present employment, as my employers have been good to me. However, I am open to whatever future employment or mission the Lord may bring to me.


J.D., 1982, University of Iowa, with high distinction.

M.A., History, 1984, University of Iowa.

M.S., Biochemistry, 1982, Iowa State University (course work, research completed in 1980).

B.S., Chemistry & B.A, Linguistics, 1976, Wichita State University, Magna Cum Laude with Honors in Linguistics.

Work Experience

1991-present, paralegal, a three-attorney law firm in Topeka, Kansas. I do some of nearly everything that doesn't require admission to the Bar, from research in the scientific literature to legal research and writing to copying and filing. The firm focuses on complex civil litigation and has done mostly toxic tort, civil rights and labor cases during my tenure.

1994-1999: Licensed (1994), then ordained (1995) to ministry of the Gospel by Randel Ministries, Inc. Worked in 1994-1998 mostly in prison ministry and Christian writing. Pastored Topeka Faith Center, 1998-1999 (part-time, unpaid).

1989-1991: Chemist/Theoretician, Kanza, Inc. Participated in a team attempting to find commercializable cold nuclear fusion systems.

1988-1989: Chemist, Chemco Enterprises. Employed by a small local chemical wholesaler doing almost everything except the bookkeeping.

Print Publications

I co-authored Ian Johnson and Lauston Stephens, Our Oneness in Christ, (Baltimore: PublishAmerica 2006), ISBN 1424160359.

Internet Community and Publications

Founder of Oneness in Christ.

Current owner and editor of several sites.

Notes about Credentials

During the many years of this website, which has been on the 'Net since 1995, I have received several letters from people who notice that I have no academic degrees in theology and no formal credentials from any denominational organization. Usually the writers who make this observation follow it with the judgment that I am "unqualified" to write what I have written. This is generally followed by a demand that I MUST remove my websites from public circulation forthwith and refrain from writing any more theology until I acquire formal credentials which comply with some credential requirement which the writer sets forth. I reject all such suggestions. I note that, of all the Apostles and New Testament writers, only Paul had formal theological training, and his training was to be repented. And Luke was a physician. All the others were "uneducated" men who had "been with Jesus." Acts 4:13. I have been with Jesus, and have been a serious student of His Word, since 1971, and I have the Holy Spirit, the true teacher, living within me.

I have never been admitted to the Bar in any jurisdiction.

For a few more specifics, please consult my transcripts page.

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