Christian Oneness
promoting Christ the Lord, and love, unity, and service together in His name, in His Kingdom

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Our Mission

  • To promote Christ the Lord, and love, unity, and service together in His name, in His Kingdom;
  • To assist agreement;
  • To do and assist Godly study of the Scriptures;
  • To do and assist good discussion in areas where division is common;
  • To encourage prayer and communion with Christ the Lord as one;
  • To encourage action as one, in loving service and in presentation of the Gospel to the world.


Jesus, Christ, the Lord, asked His Father for a major oneness. He asked that His Father take the eleven faithful disciples, and all others who come to believe in Him through their message, into oneness with Them. We have this in the Gospel of John, chapter 17, verses 20 through 23.

And we have many of the oldest words in this world, of that message, by the delivery of God. It is utterly the most unique message. It is the only message by which, if believed, the Holy Spirit of God enters in and begins to drive the reader. God, in the Person (one cannot say the form!) of the Holy Spirit, enters in and dominates the believer, to her and his great good, and his or her path is changed.

But the change is, visibly, not entire and immediate. Habits and thoughts of the first life are gradually taken, and, gradually, either made dead, or taken captive and converted into myriad love and joy of the Lord. Great troubles do come, when persons being brought to the Lord’s thoughts, and also when wolves among them, paste words and symbols of Christ the Lord, upon that which is not His.

Since that message entered this world, there has been an odd inversion of it, an inversion that appears good to the first life, but is known evil to the new. Its early manifestations were wars upon wars. Today the quasichristian wars are not usually bloody, but they are profound and terrible evil, because those soldiers are giving a profoundly ugly false face, to the name of Christ the Lord.

A simple example, is today’s quasichristian focus on cursing those that often choose not to love children. Millions are being led in this way. The leaders curse everywhere they can, and demand that we all do the same.

Why, we ask, do those leaders waste so much time cursing those who are already cursed?

Why, we ask, don’t those leaders use their time for good, encouraging all to love children?

Why do they insist on cursing, when blessing is that which is the Lord’s command?

There is something akin to an infinity of other examples.

Some waste time cursing those who are sexually accursed...rather than encouraging people, by example and by word, to either the holy but temporary path of Adam and Eve, or that which is forever, the other holy path, of the angels in Heaven.

Some waste time cursing those living under curses of various false prophets. They deliver thousands upon thousands of words of curses...but have almost nothing to say about the goodness and faithfulness that the Lord is and is giving those that ask for His Spirit.

And many have devoted themselves to cursing others for those many temporary cursednesses, which are the causes, of all of that which keeps the Lord’s people from true communion with each other and Himself. They quote historical sinful man after historical sinful man, filling the air with words which are not from God, striving in vain to glorify themselves and others like them.

Quasichristianity curses its neighbors, piling heavy burdens of guilt and obedience upon them, trying in vain to force others to involuntary compliance, building fake righteousnesses doomed to destruction. Always this encourages lies, and foolish resentments, and hypocrisies. It is Christ the Lord who sees that all of these things are vain foolishness, who encourages all to do the right things, the things He desires: love in truth, and kindness, and gentleness, and defense and protection of the innocent, and first and last and most of all, discipling of others in the Word of God towards His Kingdom. It is Christ the Lord who speaks in encouragement to His ways and reminder to repentance of the others, knowing that many will not follow, and shall incur His Father's consequences, consequences which shall not be avoided except by His path.

There are times that we, of Christ, have to cut with our tongue. When the sheep are being openly deceived, when the innocent are accused falsely, the Lord is unhappy if no one speaks up. He has said so, in Isaiah 5:23-25 among other places, and the Son did so speak. But we do not coerce anyone. We desire the true, voluntary, loving, profound oneness that the Lord has asked His Father to produce.

For this we shall live!

Ian Johnson & Jonathan Brickman
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