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The Lamb and the Insurrection

Recently, They who are God are doing more to force choice in this world.

There are those that believe that the Holy Spirit forces nothing and no one. Please let us not forget the book called Acts of the Apostles, chapter 5, verses 1 through 11. People died by the Holy Spirit Himself, directly. But this has to do with every one of the nations of this world.

In the course of the events of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, there was a man named Barabbas, and a nation which was smashed, divided, ruled, and at the time only partially conquered, by that sin-filled, violent monster called Rome. The nation we are discussing, was itself very violent against itself, with large numbers of groups of violent men, all trying to dominate the others, each led by people like Barabbas.

When the Lamb of God was put on trial by sinful men, He was accused of being an insurrectionist like all of those others. He was accused of trying to gather a mob large enough to throw Rome out of that nation by force. This was quite a natural thing, because His accusers were teaching each other and their children, that God was to send a Messiah to do just that. The accusers of the Lamb of God, were teaching each other and their children, that the true Messiah would gather up the people of their nation, and kill everyone who stood in the way of their nation being united and free under God alone.

But the accusers of the Lamb were very devoted to the wealth and power that came as a result of submission to Rome. They taught each other and their children about a violent Messiah in private only, in language which the Romans often did not understand. In public, they said the exact opposite, or close to it. In private, they gave money and encouragement to insurrectionists. In public, they encouraged the Romans to crucify them.

The Lamb of God, however, is not an insurrectionist. He is also not a Roman. He refused to permit a mob who had witnessed a miracle from Him, to make him King-leader of their insurrection, as recorded in John 6:11-15. He is also not a man who helps force others into that violent, moral, national, and sinful self-glorification which is so loved by all nations of this world. The only good is to follow the Lamb of God. We are not to follow either other.

Today, the world situation is building in similar kind. Evils are overtaking all of the nations of this world, and no one will prevent, because of the sovereign will of the Father and the Son. Great and terrible temptation grows and grows, towards human self-glorification, both national and fleshly. I suggest we should pray the Holy One to keep us, and more and more.

Jonathan Brickman
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© 2021 Jonathan E. Brickman

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