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Christian Oneness is an independent, unincorporated, non-tax-exempt group of individuals, who devote time and effort to the Lord's work in the world, especially the function of the one Kingdom of God, as He manifests it through His many different churches and related groups.

Contact information:

Christian Oneness
805 SW Jewell Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66606-1610

About Jonathan E. Brickman

I am the current owner and editor of the Christian Oneness web site. The original writings were instrumental in my deliverance to Christ, and when Ian invited me to accept ownership, I eagerly agreed. I was baptized at Second Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, in 1997, and now help with music ministry with my sweet wife Lori and several others, at Highland Heights Christian Church, just east of Topeka, Kansas. I can be easily reached by email at, or on Facebook at

Jonathan E. Brickman
805 SW Jewell Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66606

About Ian B. Johnson

Our Oneness in Christ by Ian Johnson and lauston Stephens I am the founder of this web site; my résumé is posted here. I am also a co-author of the book pictured at right. In the Body of Christ, I am primarily a teacher, and my specific calling is not limited to any single local congregation (although I am a member of one). Rather, my primary role involves calling individual believers in various congregations (and even in various countries) to live in conformity with the oneneness Christ died to create. Please do email me at

Ian B. Johnson
1601 SE Maryland Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66607

About Lauston Stephens

Mr. Stephens participates in as a contributor and an advisor.

To view Mr. Stephens' biographical sketch, click here.


Contributions are gratefully accepted. If the Lord motivates donation, the funds will be used only for for upkeep of this web site and for its stated mission. All donations and related expenditures will be reported on this page.



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