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The Christian Oneness Links Page

Interactive Services and Online Places

Reasons for Hope* Jesus
a site with some great reading.

Excellent resources of many sorts, including discussion, readings, and podcasts, on our favorite topics

Christian Forums
An extraordinarily well-run forum for people of Christ and those who wish to ask questions

Christian Oneness on Facebook

Christians Unite
Many different web sites under one umbrella, lots of excellent resources here

Organizations and Web Sites

a website of courses and resources dedicated to empowering churches and ministries.

Facilitating the Lord's mission online since 1994.

Christian Churches Together in the USA

The Ekklesia Project

National Association of Evangelicals

National Council of Churches

World Council of Churches

Council on Christian Unity
the ecumenical office of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Ethnic Harvest
Resources for multicultural ministry

Free at Last--Christian Racial Reconciliation

The Table Coalition

Ecumenical Stewardship Center

Christian Unity and the Role of Authority
by I. Shawn McElhinney, from a Roman Catholic perspective

Holy Spirit Interactive
another Roman Catholic approach to unity

Campus Crusade for Christ

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Audiobook Ministries

Christian Leadership Center
resources for growing Christians

Desiring God Ministries

Christian Regeneration
concerning healing and recovery

Other online theology sites, various perspectives

Bible Doors
Bible studies for readers new to the Bible

Christ in You Ministries

Christ Only
Calvinist, dispensationalist theology

Creation Theology

Grace Incarnate
essays and sermons by a United Methodist theologian

Dean and Laura Van Druff's Articles and Humor


The Oberlin Statement: Christian Unity as Viewed by the Orthodox Church

Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

Place of Repentance
by Ian Johnson, original creator of this web site

America...bless God?



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Relevant Resources

Reasons for Hope* Jesus
a site with some great reading

and also videos
Possibly the best Bible
for Android and iOS

The Kingdom of the Heavens

Recent writings from Ian Johnson

An extraordinarily well-run site
with forums, blogs, and more.
Excellent interactive site, with readings, podcasts,
and resources on helpful topics

Radio Free Babylon
Coffee With Jesus, at Radio Free Babylon
The SWORD Project
Excellent Bible software, all platforms
Using Computers and the Internet
to Facilitate the Great Commission

America...bless God?
a message in the mission