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God says: keep it out of court!

God says: My people have long been praying that godly, Christian rulers would be elected and would appoint judges who will respect Me and obey My counsel. They believe this is the way to the restoration of their land. But if My people want their judges to obey Me, they must begin to obey Me themselves!

Have I not commanded you that you should not go to law against your brothers? Instead, I have told you to go to the brother who has offended you privately, seeking restoration of your relationship as brothers -- a relationship which is far more important than your legal rights and more costly than all the wealth in the world, because My Son died for it. If that fails, you are to find one or two people of wisdom in the Body who will go with you to help you restore your relationship. If that fails, then go to the leaders of the church with the dispute. If you cannot find wise counselors in the church who will help you restore your relationship, you must bear the wrong that was done you, pray for the restoration of your enemies, and trust Me to do justice. Indeed, your relationship to others in the Body is so important to Me that I have also commanded you not to wait for a brother who holds and offense against you (rightly or wrongly) to come to you, but instead to go to him immediately seeking restoration.

But you have perverted My instructions. You find excuses to sue your brothers in secular courts, to enforce your "legal rights." You have no rights against your brothers! Any rights you hold against your brothers, you hold against the Body of Christ, and I will not permit you to hold rights against Me! I am Lord!

As in Paul's day, you still go to court against your brother, and that before secular judges. You viciously tear and devour each other before the very judges you pray will respect Me. You give Me a bad name, a stench in the nostrils of the Court, and expect the Court to listen to Me? It does not work that way. You have tied My hands. My people must begin to obey Me in this matter of lawsuits against each other before they will see the answer to their prayer for godly decisions to come out of the courts.

Ian Johnson
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© 2000, 2001 Ian B. Johnson


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