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Failure is for Christianizers

“Christianize.” Ever heard this word? It was once a central concept in the public teaching of history, all over the U.S.A., and indeed all over Europe and the other trans-European nations. It was also one of the central concepts of a great many churches. This land we live in, was once widely considered to be “christianized”, and there were cheers from many crowds when this was stated.

And indeed, to the christianizers, it is a massive and sometimes unbelievable failure, to witness all manner of the evils that are obvious in the news, in the mass media, and in government announcements by the hundred and by the thousand. They consider, as public schoolteachers, church leaders, and parents taught, that it is and has been their responsibility to impose morals and ethics of God, by lawful coercion, by public shame, and by force.

But Christ the Lord said that He is not the ruler of this world. He refused this world when it was offered, because His Father has condemned this world and everything of of this world, and has promised the destruction of all of it. The Lord is not in this world; He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us. He rules the Kingdom of God. He does not suffer the shame of being betrayed anymore, as He did once for all. And the Comforter whom He sent does not rule this world either. The god of this world we live in now, is not holy.

The christianizers often claim their worldly nation to be “founded upon” Christ or the Bible or God or some variation. However, all of the founders of all such nations, laid their efforts upon a different foundation, one of persecution, and death, and lawful coercion of neighbors into hypocrisy.

I will suggest that all christianizers shall fail. And I will suggest that this is a good thing, that God shall force their failure. God shall force their failure, because He does not desire hypocrisy, He does not desire insurrection, He does not desire political or national self-glorification, He does not desire glorification of anything of this world. He has said that we should pray all glory to go to Him. No gang of sinful men and women, deserves glory, no matter what they think of themselves, no matter what they do or where they go every Sunday morning or any other day, and no matter how many crosses or tablets with ten letters that they paste on their capitals and courthouses.

The christianizers shall fail — but the people of Christ do not fail. The people of Christ are defined as those who hear His voice, and follow Him. His voice tells His people to encourage many different things, in His love of ourselves and others. This is what is good.

And it is very depressing to be a christianizer today. There are so very many reasons for their depression! First of all they must work so hard to maintain ignorance of so many things that the Lord has said. Second, they must work so hard to blind themselves to the evils of their favorite gangs and leaders of them, past and present and even future. And third, they must work so very hard to try to make things happen which don’t, and will not, according to God.

On the other hand, consider what it is to be not christianizer, but of Christ. If we are of Christ, we are free to do that huge variety of that which the Lord says is good, without feeling depressed at the gathering doom of this and all other nations and institutions of men and women. If we are of Christ, we are sad when we know of death and destruction — but we are not depressed of it, because we know that He has said that it shall occur, and we trust Him with all futures, including the pain! If we are of Christ, He wishes to take all of that weight which causes depression off of our shoulders, and throw it into Hell to be destroyed. All of that weight is sin within us. All of that horrible weight crushing souls, is devotion to things and desires which are not of Christ.

Today some are confused as to the difference between boys and girls; but confusion as to the holiness of nations of this world, has been common much, much longer. A christianizer is one who lives in this confusion, and strives hard and long to make silk purses out of sow’s ears. They may (or may not) rest in peace when dead, but they do not rest, they do not live in the Lord’s rest which He has promised every believer who lives His life, because they fail and shall. Every nation in Europe once glorified itself as holy in Christ while driving much evil. Every nation in the Americas did the same. But the Lord has been removing that whitewash, steadily, for quite a while, and the result is interesting to study. Around the world, the peoples who once proudly called themselves “christianized” are increasingly abandoning that. It is a happy thing, in many ways, that the fakery is considered less and less worthwhile. What is revealed from under it is not happy, but it is also not new, it is just newly revealed.

Christianizers are becoming more and more depressed. We of Christ can live in much joy, if we are willing to ask Him to bring us into His way. “Come to me, all of you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”!

Jonathan Brickman
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© 2023 Jonathan E. Brickman

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