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The Quasichristian and the Aborter
a reminder of purpose and perspective

This is a story of two people.

The first is a quasichristian.  The quasichristian goes to church every Sunday and Wednesday, and gives money every time he or she gets a paycheck.  The quasichristian agrees with everything the pastor says or close enough, and has done all of the things asked by the church for good standing.  The quasichristian is taught by the pastor and others, to try to force their ways upon everyone else, by law and coercion, and sometimes, by taking the sword.  The quasichristian believes that these teachings are what it is to be right and true, that these are what God wants, and that everyone not on their side is wrong and deserves to go to hell.  The quasichristian is very grateful to God for making him or her what she or he is, for giving what he or she considers the right, superior, and true way of life, of being, and of national citizenship.

The second is not a quasichristian. This person occasionally looks at a church, maybe from the edge of its parking lot, but not much.  This person lives in much evil, enjoying fornication and foolishnesses.  Whenever the fornication produces conception, either he will strongly motivate abortion, or she will abort, or both.  But through it all, God has caused this person to retain a thought of the Creator and Final Decider, of that which is truly good and that which is truly evil.  One day, this person is sitting miserably on a park bench.  He or she cannot look up to Heaven for the misery in his or her soul, but does say and means it, "God, be merciful to me, evil as I am!"

Try Luke 18:9-14.  The Lord gives us a parable.  The one who acts like a modern-day quasichristian, is not justified.  The other, is justified.  According to the Lord, everyone who exalts himself or herself shall be humbled, but she or he who humbles herself or himself, shall be exalted.

Jonathan Brickman
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© 2022 Jonathan E. Brickman

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